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How the Appraisal Works

We frequently appraise:

Antique Diamond Ring Appraisals

Antique Rings

Antique Watch Appraisals

Antique Watches

Antique Necklace Appraisals

Antique Necklaces

Antique Pin or Brooch Appraisals

Antique Brooches

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We commonly appraise antique jewelry pieces for:

Insurance Appraisal

Insurance Purposes

Your insurance premiums are based on our estimated values. Our values reflect competitive & realistic replacement costs so your insurance premiums are not inflated, and still provide easy settlement in the unlikely event of a loss.

Diamond & Colored Stone Quality Verification

Quality or Value Verification

Whatever your circumstance – inheritance, recently purchased – we give you all the angles and verify quality and value so you can leave knowing more and feeling confident in whatever decision lies ahead of you.

Prepurchase Verification

Pre-purchase Verification

An unbiased and transparent verification of material, quality and value reassures a smart purchase at a fair price.

Estate Purposes

Estate Purposes

Correctly organize your property for all of your estate’s needs. No matter your estate’s circumstance, our method of sorting and evaluating items allows for a quick turn-around and accurate valuation report.

Liquidation Appraisals

Liquidation Purposes

Before you sell, we make sure you know what you have and what its worth so you can recognize a fair offer and feel confident negotiating. We also provide user-friendly spreadsheets with high cash values for present and future use.

Buyer's Remorse Appraisal

Buyer's Remorse

We offer post-purchase conflict resolution through an evaluation that is fair and accurate with support documentation.

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